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The first open AI network—with all the tools you need to build, own, and monetize AI agents.

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One-Stop Shop for
AI Development

AI Notebook

An all-in-one developer platform that provides a Web2-like development experience
Resource matching between AI builders and resource providers
Built-in AI job monitoring services for agent creation and management
Nimble SDK simplifies infra resource matching and transactions

AI Orderbook

An efficient orchestration engine that optimizes machine learning workflow with best-fit GPU and data
Connects GPUs, data, and developers together on-chain effortlessly
Executes matching, pricing, and transactions through Nimble Matrix
Creates a streamlined workflow for efficient, scalable, and accessible AI

    Music Recommendation Agent

    Voice-Activated Assistant

    Legal Advisor

    Social Media Manager

    Weather Forecaster

    Environmental Monitor

    Customer Support Agent

    Language Translation Bot

    E-commerce Recommender

    Fitness Tracker

    Environmental Monitor

    SEO Optimizer

    Home Automation Controller

    Job Recruitment Specialist

    Gaming Assistant

    Music Recommendation Agent

    Voice-Activated Assistant

    Legal Advisor

    Personal Trainer

    Content Creator

    Social Media Manager

AI Agent Hub

An open and collaborative hub providing diverse AI agents for both Web2 and Web3 app use cases
Develop, publish, and monetize tailor-made AI agents with builder tools
Enable your AI agents to interact with one another and integrate with apps
Stake to evaluate AI agents, provide feedback, and earn rewards
Key Protocol LayersKey Protocol Layers

The Nimble Ecosystem Stack

Scale effortlessly

One-stop shop to build any AI use cases, with fast infra and complete suite of developer toolkits.

Spend significantly less

Efficient matching engine to dispatch your AI tasks to the most cost-effective GPUs and data providers.

Foster innovations

A vibrant ecosystem for AI development with collective knowledge and resources.

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